High-Power Video Transmitter

This water-proof aluminum housing is for 1.2GHz/20W and 2.4GHz/15W transmitters only.

waterproof housing

receiver   2.4ghz receiver 
1.2GHz receiver 2.4GHz receiver

Profile Receiver Transmitter
demodulation/modulation FM
AV input/output 1.2GHz: AV output jacks for RCA video and audio
2.4GHz: 3.5 mm double-ring AV phone jack
BNC input jacks for video and audio
(BNC to RCA adapters included)
Number of Channel 1.2GHz: 4 channels - select by sliding switch
2.4GHz: 4 channels - select by dip-switch
1.2GHz: 4 channels - set by jumper (inside)
2.4GHz: 4 channels - set by sliding switch (inside)
Antenna included 1.2GHz: 6dBi omni-directional antenna
2.4GHz: 7dBi omni-directional antenna
No antenna included (see Note 4 below)
Antenna length 27 cm foldable (36 gm) N/A
Antenna connector type SMA (F) N (F)
Operating power DC 12V regulated
Dimensions/Weight 1.2GHz: 115(L) x 80(W) x 20(H) mm/
136 gm excl. antenna
2.4GHz: 77(L) x 66(W) x 20(H) mm/
100 gm excl. antenna
310(L) x 200(W) x 85(H) mm / 2.6 kg
Video output/input 75 Ohm 1V p-p
Audio output/input 10k Ohm 2V p-p max 2V p-p, max
Current consumption less than 350 mA 3~4A
Power connector type DC jack AC plug and DC jacks
Sensitivity/Output power Sensitivity: -85 dBm (typical) Output power: 20W (1.2GHz)
Output power: 15W (2.4GHz)
Audio sub carrier frequency 1.2GHz: 5.5 MHz
2.4GHz: 6.5 MHz
5.5 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Preset channel <in MHz> - see Note 5 below. 1.2GHz: Channel 1: 1080, Channel 2: 1120, Channel 3: 1160, Channel 4: 1200
2.4GHz: Channel 1: 2410, Channel 2: 2430, Channel 3: 2450, Channel 4: 2470
Highest resolution supported  720(H) x 582(V)
Operating temp/RH -10~+50C / 20~80%


  1. An 12V AC/DC regulated power supply has been built inside the housing. The input voltage of the power supply is 110V or 220V, manually selectable. The voltage has been set to the voltage of your country before shipment. If you need to change the input voltage, make sure to switch the voltage selector between 110V/220V before connecting to electricity outlet.

  2. The transmitter can be powered by other 12V DC power source such as Sealed Lead Acid rechargeable battery and other 12V battery pack. In this case, disconnect the AC power to the transmitter, if any, and then connect the 12VDC power source to the transmitter's power-in jacks as shown in the above picture.

  3. Always allow good ventilation to the transmitter when in use because the heat generated by the transmitter/power supply dissipates through the aluminum housing.

  4. Connect high gain antenna 9dBi or above to the transmitter. Antenna of low gain will damage the transmitter.

  5. We can tailor-make other preset channel frequencies of your requirements with matching receiver and antennas. Please email us your requirements.