Long Range Wireless Digital Data Transmitter and Receiver
for the PTZ camera

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This is a long range digital transmitter/receiver kit to control wirelessly your PTZ camera, pan/tilt unit or varifocal lens having RS485 interface port and Pelco D protocol.

The transmitter kit works independently with your wireless video transmitter without interference - see illustration diagram below. It controls the PTZ movement of your camera wirelessly up to 5~20km away. Installation is simple.

1) Connect our data receiver to the RS485 wires of your PTZ camera.
2) Connect the included omni-directional antenna to the data receiver.
3) Check that the protocol of your PTZ camera has been set to PELCO-D.
4) Connect the data receiver to DC12V power via AC/DC power adapter or external battery.

1) Connect our data transmitter to a PTZ control device such as PTZ keyboard via the RS485 ports.
2) Connect the included omni-directional antenna to the data transmitter.
3) Check that the protocol of your PTZ control device has been set to PELCO-D.
4) Connect the data transmitter to DC12V power via AC/DC power adapter or external battery.

Now you can control the movement of your PTZ camera up to 5 km away in urban area, or 18~20 km in a line of sight environment. See the basic setup diagram below. If you need to control the PTZ movement up to 50 km away line of sight, install two antennas of 3 meters or longer on both sides, and place these antennas as high as possible to avoid interferences from moving objects on the ground. Apart from using the data transmitter/receiver to control your PTZ cameras wirelessly, it can also be used for remote access control to alarm systems, home security doors, gates, garage doors and other access control systems with RS485 interface.

Note: The equipment for the video transmission as shown in the diagram below are option items. If you want to buy these equipment, please visit our webpage here:

Diagram showing the setup of a wireless video transmitter/receiver and a wireless data transmitter/receiver

Main features

1) High anti-jamming and low BER (Bit Error Rate).
2) Long transmission distance: In a line of sight environment, the reliable transmission distance can reach 50 km when the antenna length is longer than 3 meters in a vertical position.
3) Compatibility: The data transmitter/receiver is compatible with all types of PTZ camera with RS485 interface and PELCO-D protocol.
4) Point to multi-point control: A single data transmitter is capable of controlling up to 256 data receivers through a PTZ controller. PLL technology is adopted to eliminate frequency drift.
5) Easy installation. Plug-n-Play. No need for modification and/or tuning.

Profile Receiver Transmitter
Demodulation/Modulation MSK
Frequency range 227~232MHz
Baud rate 2400 bps
Data format 8N1
Data protocol PELCO-D
Channel spacing 25KHz
Channel settings dip switches
Frequency tolerance ±2.5 ppm
TX output N/A 5W
Transmission distance 18-20 km LOS; up to 5 km in urban area depending on actual environment. Up to 50 km LOS using antennas of 3 meters or longer on both sides.
Max. frequency deviation N/A 5 kc/s
Reception/Modulation distortion ≤3%
Reception/Modulation sensitivity 0.224 µV at 12dB SINAD 100mV (3KHz offset)
Residual frequency modulation N/A ≤ -40dB
Adjacent channel power selectivity ≤60dB
Stray radiation component N/A ≤-60dB
Working voltage 12VDC
Current consumption 0.2A (working) / ≤60 mA (standby) ≤1.5A (working) / <60 mA (standby)
Residual level output ≤-45dB N/A
Modulation bandwidth ≤5KHz N/A
Intermodulation immunity ≤60dB N/A
Spurious and image frequency interferences ≤65dB N/A
Demodulated output ≤0.2V audio voltage N/A
Antenna connector type TNC female
Antenna Impedance 50 ohm
Antenna included 230MHz 4dB omni-directional: antenna length 56 cm / cable length: 290 cm.
Working temperature -30° C to  +55° C
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 156(L) x 120(W) x 39(H)
Packing contents
1) A 230MHz/5W digital data transmitter.
2) A 230MHz digital data receiver.
3) Two 230MHz/4dB omni-directional antennas with clip mounts (see pictures below).
4) Two 12V universal regulated power supplies.

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Price: US$435

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