900MHz Panel Antenna


The directional panel antenna is most useful when it is desired to have the operational area in one general direction as opposed to all directions (omni-directional). It is designed to radiate / receive radio waves in one general direction, increasing the antenna's effectiveness in that direction.

The beam width is much wider compared with a directional Yagi antenna's beam width, therefore precise antenna aiming and device positioning isn't necessary. (NOTE: Same as other directional antenna, it is not recommended to use if there are obstructions such as wall, building in the transmission path). The antenna is weatherproof and is therefore suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installation. The casing and connector are made of corrosion-resistant material to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Suitable to use with video transmitter and/or receiver to improve gain for better coverage. 2.4GHz or 1.2GHz version is also available.

Model Number ANTP0909
Product description directional panel antenna
Peak gain 9 dbi
Frequency range 900~1060 MHz
Nominal impedance 50 Ω
Polarization vertical / horizontal
Horizontal beamwidth ≥55
Vertical beamwidth ≥56
Power rating ≥20W
Return loss ≤-10dB
Connector type N (female)
Connecting cable not included
Application for AV receiver or transmitter
Dimensions 22 x 25 x 4.5 cm (8-5/8" x 9-3/4" x 1-3/4")
Weight 1.2 kg (2.2 lb)
CAUTION: When installing the antenna outdoor, protective measures should be taken against lightning surges, for example, installing a lightning arrester.

Price: US$70

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